Best Practice Amp Under $200 – Our Review

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Last Update May 2019 – Here’s a question for ya – what’s the price of a good practice amp? Various sources tend to give a different answer to this question, but after quite a few years of being hardcore gear-heads, we believe that the correct answer is up to $200, and usually no lower than $100.

Best Practice Amp Under $200Within this price range, you can find some very solid guitar amplifiers that fulfill the needs of practicing on your own, jamming with you friends (no drums included, of course), all while allowing you to craft a decent sound and properly explore the guitar realm.

With all that in mind, we took the liberty of embarking on a journey to find the best practice amp under $200. Our quest fetched three brave competitors, do check them out below.

How to find the best practice amp under $200

– Line 6 Spider IV 30

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We’ll start the list with the masters of versatility, the folks from Line 6. Their Spider IV 30 amp is a very renowned product, and an item we can always recommend. With 30 watts of power presented through a single 12-inch Celestion speaker, this amplifier contains an amazing database of sounds.

Using digital modeling technology, the manufacturer managed to pack a whopping set of sounds of 12 classic amps, as well as 7 different guitar effects, including chorus, flanger, phaser, and more.

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The main thing about this amp is to have a will to experiment. You are given a vast array of choices that can even be a tad overwhelming, and it is up to you to tweak and tweak until you find your perfect tone.

The great thing is that you can rarely dial in a bad sound here, but rather an immense number of solid tones and if you’re persistent enough, maybe even that No. 1 sound you want.

– Fender Champion 40

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More on the classic side, the Fender Champion is also our first choice on the list for an amp you can use for band practice, even with a drummer who tones things down a bit. With a hefty set of 40 watts, the amp utilizes two channels and always delivers the classic Fender sound.

Apart from giving you a choice between clean and overdrive sounds, the amp also contains a pack of basic guitar effects, namely reverb and delay. A headphone jack is also there for silent practice, and so is an Mp3 input.

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As with at least 90 percent of the company’s amplifiers, we are looking at classic Fender sound here. Clean, organic, natural and slightly fuzzy, the amps sounds smooth in regular mode, but if you want to enrich the output with effects, we can certainly say that the device will react very nicely to pedals.

– Roland Micro Cube

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Finally, the small beast known as the Micro Cube. This incredibly portable and compact amp contains a very surprising load of power for a 5-watt amp, and is universally hailed as a little beast that can ride with the big boys.

Delivering the goods through a single 5-inch speaker, the amp also offers the user with seven guitar amp models, along with 6 guitar effects: chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, delay, and reverb.

Sound-icon-Best Practice Amps Sound

We see the quality of those effects as one of the main qualities of the amp, as they not only give the player a proper image of what each of the effects sound like, but genuinely give the player with something they can use in playing and even recording.

Additionally, the strong power isn’t staying in the way of quality, meaning that you won’t experience any crackle or sonic distortion. It’s nothing but clarity and crispiness here, and for that we salute the Roland folks!


In a nutshell, we can say that not only are the gents listed above the safest choices, but also some of the best picks you can find. They all pack a rich punch, give away a natural and organic tone that will stimulate you to yearn for more, all while retaining a fair and affordable price tag.

Now please pinpoint what exact type of sound you are after and feel free to treat yourself with one of the se pups as early as today. A big thumbs up from here!