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Best Practice Guitar AmpWhether you’re starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, everybody needs a practice amplifier.

Beginner amps are different from beginner guitars in the way that we often stop playing beginner instruments and grow out of them, while we use our hour amplifiers for many more years while jamming at home.

After all, even if you get the greatest big amp ever, chances are that it’s going to be too big for your house and too big for your neighbors.

That’s why we decided to embark on a quest to find the best practice guitar amp, and pay extra attention that the item we (or you) might buy is worthy of staying in your ownership for decades to come. The journey yielded four strong contenders, each packed with its own unique charm.

In case you want to consider more high end stuff, the tube-driven devices to be precise, feel free to consult our list of Best Tube Practice Amps.

Anyhow, let us dig in now. The goods await below!

Name the best practice guitar amp

Fender Mustang I V2

We’ll get the party started with a trusty Fender, the Mustang I V2 model. A bit of an underdog of Fender amps, this fella will surprise you with the punch it packs and classy tone it offers.

Features-Icon- BesPractice ampsFeatures

The device can churn out solid 20 watts of power through a single speaker, combining the best of Fender tradition and modern digital modeling technology.  Apart from standard Volume, Gain, Master, Bass and Treble controls, this fella allows you to choose from sounds of 17 different amplifier models that can adapt your playing just about any style of music.

Additionally, you can shape the built-in amp models fast and easy or you can dive in deep and edit them on your computer using the included Fender Fuse software. This allows you to infuse almost any guitar effect, including reverb, tremolo, delay, phaser, chorus and many more. The item comes with a 5-year warranty.

Sound-icon-Best Practice Amps  Sound

The sonic output of this item is the reason why we put it on the list – it’s the best of both worlds. You can always expect this amp to present you with that signature Fender sound, the one that screams classic rock and heavy blues, the one that helped shape the music of the 20th century. But at the same time, you can infuse that sound with a variety of audio effects, going from slight alterations to making that Fender fuzz unrecognizable.

We think that it’s awesome to be able to experiment with so many effects on a practice amp, as it stimulates the beginners to practice harder and further expand their musical horizons. This is a top-notch buy.

Marshall MG30CFX

Up next is a pinch of roar delivered through another iconic amp builder – the one and only Marshall and their MG30CFX model.

Features-Icon- BesPractice ampsFeatures

This amp delivers 30 watts of power presented through a single 10 inch speaker, which is more than any other device on the list. Additionally, Marshall amps are known for their strength, and this one is no exception, hence you can say that this is one of the strongest 30-watt amps on the market.

That’s why we recommend it to players who want to be able to use their practice amplifier for more than just solo jamming, but for playing with other musicians as well. Not with a full drum kit, but certainly with other guitarists and bassists.

Additional features include four programmable channels, a set of basic on-board effects, an Mp3 input, and a headphone input for silent practice.

Sound-icon-Best Practice Amps  Sound

The sound is a bit more on the heavy side, but still versatile enough to cover a variety of musical styles. A handful of that Marshall roar that the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend propelled to the top of rock ‘n’ roll realm is always present, and you can always kick it up to 11, but you don’t have to, allowing you to cover not just rock and metal music, but blues, jazz and country as well.

Vox V9106 Pathfinder 10

We’ll round up our journey with every blues player’s favorite amp company – the great Vox and their Pathfinder 10.

Features-Icon- BesPractice ampsFeatures

With 10 watts of groove delivered through a single Vox Bulldog 6.5 inch speaker, this is the amp with lowest power on the list, and we recommend using it for practice hours or small jams with similarly-sized amps only, but the sound it rocks out still has that staple blues Vox mark we love very much.

We are looking at a solid state amp that can operate in two modes – Clean and Overdrive, while presenting the player with standard tone knobs – Gain for crunch control, Treble for the higher registry, Bass for the low end, and Volume for overall audio output. The mix also includes a headphone input for silent practice, which we see as an essential component of every beginner amp.

Finally, the casing is very classy and pretty-looking on one hand, and quite sturdy and light to carry on the other.

Sound-icon-Best Practice Amps  Sound

Packed with the vibe of such icons as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or even Slash from Guns N’ Roses, this amp is all about that natural, organic purr.

It is simple to use and versatile enough to cover several styles, retaining the company’s staple sound at all times. For the listed price, which is the lowest on the list, this is an amazing buy.

Conclusion – best practice guitar amp

In total, when all is said and combined, these are all strong contestants for the title of the best practice guitar amp. What we kept in mind while picking these bad boys is that the price should stay low, while the quality should be up. We filtered out items that are cheap but sound bad and singled out the good stuff.

Now it’s just a matter of pinpointing your personal favorite based on your taste and preference and you can get busy with one of these amps as early as today!