Find the Best Practice Amp Under $100

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Find the Best Practice Amp Under $100- ReviewLast Update May 2019Buying a practice amp is different than buying a beginner guitar in terms that you are bound to grow out of your newbie instrument. Practice amps, on the other hand, are there to stay.

They are small amps that you will use for jamming at your place in many years to come. After all, plugging in a large amp is not a great option in all cases, especially if you live in a residential building, hence keeping a practice amplifier is always a great choice.

With all that in mind, we sifted through today’s market in an attempt to bring you the best practice amp under $100. Our quest yielded three champions, you can check ’em out below.

Name the best practice amp under $100

– Fender Frontman 10G

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Fender Frontman is one of the most well-known beginner amps in the world, it has a classy classic sound that remained mostly unchanged over the years, and it just screams classic rock and heavy blues.

The amp offers 10 watts of power delivered through a single 6-inch speaker. There’s one channel, along with the following basic controls – Gain, Volume, Treble, and Bass controls, an Overdrive Select Switch, Media Player or CD input, and an 1/8″ headphone output jack for silent practice.

Sound-icon-Best Practice AmpsSound

The sound is quite smooth and rooted in the ’70s, but a pinch of modern design and sonic delivery are well present, meaning that you can adapt this amp to more styles that just rock and blues. If you want a full-on classic sound that’s organic and natural, this is your pick.

– Line 6 Spider IV

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The Spider IV comes from the company that revolutionized modeling amps by infusing them with never-before-seen dose of versatility. With 15 watts of power, this fella packs the sound of many amps and many guitar effects, allowing you to craft a unique tone through endless audio tweaks.

In has a single 8 inch custom speaker, along with 4 dialed in amp models and a 6 Smart FX feature packed with a massive load of guitar effects, including chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, echoes, reverb and more. At one moment, two effects can be simultaneously active.

Sound-icon-Best Practice AmpsSound

Apart from being very versatile, the great thing about this amp is that all of the sounds it makes are high quality. You can make this amp sound like anything you’ve imagined, and while you can’t use it for recording or live shows, it still gives you an amazing image of the instrument’s capabilities and what certain guitar effects can do.

If you are a bit more on the experimental side, if you want to experience everything guitar realm has in store for us, this is the one for you.

– Pyle-Pro PVAMP60

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Finally, a bit of a hidden gem from Pyle Pro known as the PVAMP60. What makes this dude stand out is the immense power of 60 watts. In our humble opinion it is quite difficult to lock in such wattage at under $100. We are talking about enough power perform live shows if properly utilized, and that’s no mean feat.

The amplifier delivers the goods through a single 8 inch speaker, and also offers three-band EQ control with Bass, Middle and Treble knobs. Also included in the mix are two channels – Clean and Overdrive – along with a 1/4 inch headphone jack for silent practice, Gain control for overdrive feature, and a 1/4 inch output jack for connecting external speakers.

Sound-icon-Best Practice AmpsSound

In the sonic department, all the power is backed up by a solid sonic mix of warm basses, punchy middles and bright treble section. The output is quite natural and the mentioned controls allow a solid amount of versatility to lock in the perfect sound. For the listed price, a genuine steal!


In total, each of these three lads can qualify for the flattering title of the best practice amp under $100. They all have the sound, build quality, durability, and stellar value for money. There are sound differences in here as well, though, so now it is up to you to jot down your exact needs and preferences and buy one of these bad boys as early as today. Thumbs up for the guys!